We're Live!

What is Storytellers? It's a game. It's a story. It's totally random, unpredictable and delightful. But most importantly, it's a group of people coming together to make something new and entertaining every single week.

Here's the premise:

Prior to the show, either Rashanii or Ereika draws three random cards from a storymaking deck.

Each person on the panel takes (randomized) turns telling 3-5 minutes of story. This is pre-recorded, so if you join in, we won't be putting you on the spot like that.

We all get together to listen to how the story unfolds. But...

...there's a catch.

None of the storytellers get to hear the whole story. In fact, each storyteller only gets to hear the bit right before their own recording.

Which means when we sit down with you, our audience, we're going to be just as surprised as you are about how things shake out. Confused? Just have a listen and laugh along, here:

Volume 1

Volume 2